Thursday, July 8, 2010

Radio Interview

Euodoo Trading - a great website for traders and especially new traders did an interview with me this week.
I think I sound awful but you might enjoy some of the other interviews and stuff there ;)

My interview

Thanks Euodoo - I am very flattered.


  1. Nic,

    Nice interview you had.
    You still have your British accent, I thought you would have opted for American by now :-)

  2. Very inspiring interview! (and you sound great)

    I also look for setups on daily and weekly charts, and think people who look at 1 min charts are wasting their time. Anything less than 60 min bar is random noise.

    I like your discipline regarding positive risk/reward ratio. I had a rule like that, but could never stick to it. It seems like I always getting stopped out using tight stops and that messed up my head. I need to work on that.

    I also like how you got a limit down day. I think I should I implement one.

    And yea, Crude is the best :)

  3. 30mins of my life taken away!

  4. Phileas, if you don't get off the computer I am going to call your mother

  5. I found that an excellent and extremely informative interview.
    The more I learn about trading the more I realise that its all too hard though ha.

  6. Bertie, It is hard, way harder than I realised when I started. Stick at it, it is worth it.