Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday 02 May

EUR and sterling got spanked overnight as the market was unimpressed with the Greek bailout announcement which still requires the support of all EU members and UK election news that the odds of a hung parliament are increasing.
The ECB has suspended the minimum credit rating collateral rules for Greek bonds so all Greek paper is eligible until further notice in an attempt to stop the bleeding.
EURUSD is back at the old trend-line support and 61.8 fib retracement of the rally from last weeks lows so it could catch a bounce up here as Europe comes in.
London is closed so I am going to leave it and come back for the US open.

EURJPY closed 124.70 (+1R)
GBPJPY closed 143.70 (+2R)
CRUDE short 85.90 stop 86.30 PT 84
CRUDE stopped out (-1R) stop too tight
EURUSD short 1.32 stop 1.3230 break of overnight support TP 1.31
EURUSD closed 1.3180 - trade not working (+0.6R)
CRUDE short 86.75 stop 87.15  PT 84
GBPJPY short 143.70 stop144.60 PT 142 - 4hr inside bar
EURJPY short 124.75 stop 125.10 PT 123.20
EURJPY stopped out (-1R)
GBPJPY stopped out (-1R)

Open trades:
GBPAUD short 1.66 stop 1.6650 PT 1.6250 - 1/2
CRUDE short 86.75 stop 87.15  PT 84


  1. mornin nic, crude ready to come off here

  2. Morning,
    Yeah it looks good!
    Gold & silver on fire today ...

  3. The EUR has not bounced at all yet on this bailout, you have to wonder. It's going to take them all week to pass the votes.

  4. yeh agree completely, been staying away from eur/usd only holding euraud short from a while back. so much fr crude.. in and out fr 5 cents..

  5. I'm going to leave crude today I think. This oil spill is much worse than people thought. Very strange day, correlations not working

  6. what the heck is market day they sell next day they buy..I haven't seen this crazy market even when we were in crisis...someone is screwing badly...
    you are right Nic, no correlation between currencies ,oil and gold..

  7. Dow rally today must be distribution at the top - that's my read?? do you read Garry's excellent blog?

  8. Thanks for the link Danny
    Crazy day, see you all tomorrow.
    Japanese holiday through Wednesday so expecting quiet Asian sessions apart from
    AUD bank rate decision tonight @ 12:30 my time / 05:30 your time

  9. Flights are about to be closed in the UK. 5mins!