Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday 14 May

Markets are very nervous ... Asian markets sold off overnight and European stocks look set to do the same.  The dollar and yen rally look set to continue.
Every bounce in Euro seems to get sold and the UK  election euphoria has worn off and sterling is sold even harder than EUR.
Having said all that I would not be surprised to see 1150 hold in the S+P and a rally in US stocks to end the week.  The sentiment seems overly bearish and that level is very sticky.  If it doesn't hold look out below.
Either way we look set to close the week with a lot of inside bars after last weeks flash crash.
The EUR looks set to be the only one to break last weeks low but I guess a trillion dollars does not buy you much bounce these days.
If there are no bounces I will be selling breaks of support today.

EURUSD short 1.2515 stop 1.2550 PT 1.2330 on a break of 1.25
EURNZD closed 1.7575 - euro rally over - (+1R)
GBPAUD closed BE - trade not working

AUDCAD long 0.9150 stop 0.9130 PT 0.9350
GBPJPY short 134.95 stop 1.3545 PT 133.10 / 131.20
EURUSD short 1.2515 stop 1.2550 PT 1.2330 break of support
EURJPY short 116.00 stop 116.50 PT 114.40 / 110
AUDUSD short 89.32 stop 89.57 PT 88.30 / 87
GBPJPY stopped out at US open (-1R)
BRENT crude short 79.90 stop 80.40 break of low of daily doji
SILVER closed 50% @3R 19.060 (+1.5R)
EURUSD short closed 50% @3R 1.2410 (+1.5R)
EURJPY short closed 50% @3R 114.50 (+1.5R)
BRENT crude short closed 50% @3R 78.40 (+1.5R)
AUDUSD closed 50% @3R 88.57 (+1.5R)
BRENT short closed balance 78.00 (+1.9)
EURJPY short closed balance 1.1410 (+1.9)
EURUSD short closed balance 1.2360 (+2.2)
AUDUSD short closed balance 88.55 (+1.54)
AUDCAD closed 91.65 (+0.75)
USDJPY closed balance 92.40 (+1.35)

Open trades:
EURUSD short 1.3110 stop 1.3135 PT 1.23 - 1/4 
SILVER short  19.630 stop 19.820 PT 18.65 - 1/2


  1. Any thoughts on the continuously falling Crude?

  2. morning nic, not much to do here at these levels, might go have a look at the crosses fr something interesting to keep me out of mischief

  3. Crude has me confounded a bit. It is very weak but hard to sell after such a big drop with no correction. It's very risk sensitive now so I think will follow equities. I might stay out today and will wait for next week unless we have another flash crash