Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday 29 March

EURUSD short 1.35 stop 1.3525 target 1.30
CRUDE short 80.75 stop 81.05 target 80 / 78.00
EURAUD short 1.4750 stop 1.4800 target 1.46
CRUDE stopped out (-1R)
CRUDE long 81.45 stop 80.95 target 83.00 - flag breakout
AUDCAD short 93.35 stop 93.65 target 92.55 off top of flag
EURJPY short 124.80 stop 125.10 target 123.80 / 121.00
CRUDE closed 82.45 (+2R)
AUDCAD stopped out (-1R)
EURUSD closed 1.3480 (+0.8R) - two bullish 4hr hammers, decided to wait it out.
GBPJPY short 138.60 stop 1.3890 target 136.50 / 132.00

Open trades:
EURAUD short 1.4750 stop 1.4800
EURJPY short 124.80 stop 125.10
GBPJPY short 138.60 stop 1.3890


  1. Hi Nic,

    Slow market today unless someone was long on Aussie..
    shorted crude @ 8220..will add to position if 83 is reached. Don't know what's happening and what we are waiting for but it seems citigroups sale might impact big time dollar shorting (long to whoever is buying) plus the US debt is mounting like there is no tomorrow.


  2. Yeah painfully slow. I think the crude rally is about the Russia bomb so its a nice fade, I hardly ever buy and I'm not married to my long.
    Aussie is wild ... that move off 90 is 5 waves (impulsive). It's freaky Monday of a holiday week so who knows ... The only thing I really like is EUR short and that could get very crowded

  3. Yep, agree -bit of an odd day - seems trading has been hard over the last few weeks; even a lot of funds etc have been hurt so its not just us retail guys getting whacked!