Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday 05 March 2010 - NFP

A bit late posting today. 
There were a few things I wanted to see yesterday to keep my bearish positions.  Gold below 1130, crude below 80 and the indices to not make new highs.  None of that happened so I am tidying up (tightening up) some positions.  The bullish price action in USDJPY was apparently caused by all the news reports yesterday of how the BoJ will "support the economy" (supporting your economy means weakening your currency apparently in the race to the bottom). 

FTSE made new highs for the year today although CAC and DAX did not join in.  SnP is at a key 1130-35 level. If it doesn't turn down around here then it looks set to make new highs as well.

AUDCAD addition stopped out (-1R)
AUDCAD short balance closed 0.9290 (+1.87R)
NZDJPY short balance closed (daily hammer reversal) (+0.3R)
EURGBP short 0.9030 stop 0.9050 - addition
CRUDE balance stopped out BE
GBPAUD short 1.6630 stop 1.6680 Target 1.65
GBPUSD closed 1.5028 (+0.5R) weekly hammer forming and unable to break 1.5
EURUSD closed 1.3585 hammer reversal.  (+1.5R)
NZDUSD balance stopped out 69.15 (+0.6R)
GBPAUD stopped out (-1R)
CRUDE short 81.95 stop 82.10 target 81.20
CRUDE closed 50% @3xR 81.50 (+1.5R)

Open positions:
EURGBP short 90.70 stop 90.85 - 1/2 & 0.9030 stop 0.9050
CRUDE short 81.95 stop 82.10 - 1/2

Crude daily. 
Big daily level in crude, hence the counter-trend short.  I won't hold this.

EURGBP weekly. 
This is why I am holding short for now, target 89.

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