Friday, August 14, 2009

Weekend antidote

There is no wind here. I am planning a trip back to Anguilla for some kiting lessons.
This is Savannah Bay on the east end of the island, my favourite beach. In two months I hardly ever saw anyone on the beach unless it was a Sunday and they were a local. Its a huge semi circle undeveloped bay with a couple of miles of sand backed by seagrape covered dunes, you have to drive down a couple of miles of bumpy track to get there. There is one shack there called "Nats Palm Grove" where 6 customers is busy and if you order the lobster the fisherman brings it round in a boat and including drinks and johnny cakes it costs less than a couple of beers cost at home. Yet blackberry and internet work there, good ole "Cable and Wireless" and the British Empire.
A real hermit's paradise.

If only I could do this haha (OK I know he is not the best but compared to me ...) anyway the point is the beach.
More Anguilla kiting:
And the school I am going to:


  1. I like the, possibly unintentional, symbolism between your profile picture and the picture above. Are you trying to use the combination of the 2 photographs to show your desire to dive into the world of kitesurfing or it simply that you want to dive into that guy's board shorts?

    BTW, due to current conditions in the foreign exchange markets and my inability to profit from them, I am available for private lessons should you need an instructor in Anguilla. I won't need anything more than expenses covered (and flights to and from UK).

  2. OK - I get it. So you've ditched the symbolism for THOSE shoulders. Damnit Cougar, I am trying to concentrate on trading and you are putting me off......

  3. I am trying to keep your blog clean, unlike what has been happening to my msn inbox of late.....

  4. It was clean, I never said about diving in anyones shorts ... although I sometimes think about Mr Big's shorts ... (oops err I mean his epic silver trade, haha)