Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday 27 August

A quiet morning, I already have quite a few trades on.
US weekly employment claims and prelim GDP numbers due before the US open.
Yesterday the market shrugged off good numbers for home sales and stayed pretty flat. Only recently "better than expected" bad news would have rallied the market so it seems pretty weak to me.
Cable chart is bearish. I have been doing a little experiment yesterday and today, selling a half stake as it retests the NY close price in the morning. I sell 10 pips below close price with a 15 pip stop. I am now 2 for 2 on this trade but I should do some more research before this ends in tears.

For some reason crude had a big rally mid afternoon on dollar weakness and everything is following. Dollar is not doing well and my stops are going everywhere.

GBPUSD short 1.6238, stop 1.6253 - half stake addition
GBPJPY banked 50% 3xR 151.75 (+1.5%)
CRUDE short 70.75, stop 71.25 - addition
EURUSD short 1.4250, stop 1.4275 4hr BEOB
EURUSD stopped out ... spiky (-1.0%)
CRUDE (todays) stopped out spiky (-1.0%)
CABLE (todays) stopped out (-1.0%)
CRUDE (Weds balance) stopped out 71.54 (+1.56%)
USDCAD balance stopped out 1.0892 (+0.84%)
CABLE (Weds balance) stopped out 1.6254 (+2.3%)
GBPCHF (Weds balance) closed 1.72 (+4.5%)
GPBUSD new short 1.6295, stop 1.6315 - cheeky spike short

Open trades tonight:
GBPCHF short 1.7638 & short 1.7483
USDJPY short 94.30, stop 94.80
GBPJPY short 152.80, stop 153.15
GPBUSD short 1.6295, stop 1.6315


  1. Ref. your cable short off the level -

  2. Hehe those girls are annoying.

  3. Sigh ... those skinny girls with no asses are not cheeky shorts. This is what cheeky shorts look like: