Friday, August 21, 2009


After a night of storms and no internet all day its time to examine the carnage of my trades. What a night in Toronto, tornadoes, trees down everywhere, 600 houses with no roofs, 200 houses no more and a lot of people with no power.
Very frustrating ... Thanks to KillPhil for the warnings and "Max Leverage" for the text message updates including candle descriptions

Crude's failed breakout south followed by a breakout north makes it look all set for $85. Indices look all set to go north and S&P 1120 (50Fib level) looks inevitable.

USDJPY banked 50% 93.45 (+1.5%)
GBPJPY closed balance 155.10 (+0.1%)
CADJPY stopped out BE
EURAUD stopped out balance (-0.5%)
USDJPY stopped out balance (-0.5%)
Crude short stopped out (-1.0%)
Gold stopped out (-1.0%)
Silver stopped out (-0.5%)

I have shorted my equity curve a bit this week.
Balance for the day -1.9%
Balance for week -4.33%
Sydney this week -1.48%
Still open:
GBPCHF short 1.7638 (currently well up)


  1. Not sure which is worse. Thunder and lightning or British bloody Telecom. Hope it gets sorted Nic.

  2. FYI -

  3. Honestly, I have a generator to run my water pump, freezer and office, I have lightning and surge protection on everything but apparently my super-dooper faster than DSL fixed wireless internet provider does not take the same precautions for storms.

  4. Sounds like they must be a subsidiary of BT - the worst bloody company in the world IMO

  5. As you said to me yesterday you're just setting yourself up for a 1-2-3

  6. Nice CHF trade, it sucks about GBPJPY, that was the one I was worried about, looked like a V shape on 30minutes in the morning which sucked. More chop than a butcher right?

    Enjoy the weekend! Btw, nifty thing for bloggers >

    Settings > Basic > Scroll To global > Select the new version. A lot nicer imho.

    When you coming back to ye olde England? 28th?

  7. ok I'm checking the settings.
    I can't wait to move back to the UK ... I have now got up to trade London for 10 months at 1:30 AM and in 10 months have missed 3 days. How sad ...

    GBPCHF is an epic short next week, check the ascending trendline break on the daily.

  8. KillPhil, I can't do the party on the 28th unfortunately ... sorry Wasp!
    Working on moving back for good instead!

  9. That sucks Nic, if there is anything i can do let me know, maybe next time hopefully there wont be one though. Looking forward to meeting you when your back