Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday 04 August

Good Morning Mr Big ...
I'm starting my day saying I will to do more DIBS.

USDCAD took the little IB that straddled the close price long (-1.0%)
CADJPY Sydney trade closed 50% @ 3xR (+1.5%)
GBPJPY Sydney trade closed 50% @ 3xR (+1.5%)
EURJPY was 12 pips short to make 3R
EURGBP short 0.8483, stop 0.8498 BEOB
EURGBP stopped out (-1%)
It's obviously turnaround Tuesday. Futures are red. Risk off again ...
OR ... we could just be rangebound again waiting for this week's employment numbers :(
USDCAD long 1.0693, stop 1.0675
USDCAD stopped out again (-1.0%)

The market is sideways and I am damaging my P&L. Time to step aside. Another day off, will come back and check Sydney at the close.

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