Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Full Moon

OK ... this is the post that probably gets Mr Big to unsubscribe ... but hang in please. Gann was a mathematician who used astronomy in his trading.

Tomorrow is the GBP rate day and it is also a full moon.
Here is a cable chart with the previous full moons marked as vertical lines:

Ok, so it is not perfect but you see what I am thinking? And its rate day tomorrow.
(And NO, I have not read my horoscope in a very long time.)

Edit:  Updated chart 31 Aug 09


  1. Like it, lateral thinking or is it lunar thinking or even lunney thinking, which ever way I like it.

  2. Bark at the Moon - Ozzie Osbourne. Great song!

  3. Maybe if cable flies then you'll be 'Walking on the Moon'?

  4. Do you think it will fly today? I am going to wait, once bitten and all that. All the currencies did some good head fakes today.
    I say rangebound until NFP Friday and then some fireworks.

  5. I don't know how to think. I am a robot.