Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday 15 July

Crude inventories today. Still short crude but nat gas looks like a buy ...

USDCHF short 1.0860, stop 1.0883 hourly bearish engulfing
AUDUSD long 79.50 stop 79.20, 4hr IB
Crude short 60.34, stop 60.70, hourly bearish engulfing

Banked half of USDCHF @ 3XR 1.0788 (+1.5%)
Banked balance of USDCHF @ 1.0760 (+2.17%)
Stopped out of crude, yesterdays trade (+ 0.5%)
Stopped out of crude, todays trade (-1%)
Banked all of AUDUSD @ 80.17 (+3.35%)
Banked balance of 02Jul crude short at 60.40 after bullish inventories (+7.0%)

I closed Aussie early. Big daily trendline and double top. I will look for another entry another day.
Crude is no longer looking so bearish. A close above 61.50 and we could go up to 65.00

No open positions.
Total for day +13.52%

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