Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday 03 July

No new trades today yet.
Still running AUDUSD, GBPJPY and crude. Aussie looks dodgy, the others are fine.

4:20 short EURUSD, 1.3990, stop 1.4030 TP .... the bottom

7:40 Closed AUDUSD 79.78, +1.02R (+1.02%)
08:30 Closed GBPJPY 1.5665 +4.02R Z(+4.02%)
Closed EURUSD 1.4002 -0.3R (-0.3%)

Closed EURUSD so I could be done for the weekend. No momentum, no liquidity, should not have taken trade.
Only holding crude short for weekend.
Ooops ... and EURCAD long

+5.1% today
+20.14% for the week thanks to a big NFP

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