Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday 07 July

Stopped out of last nights GBPJPY short at 0500 (-1.0%)
(went to the pip and reversed) Still short cable and crude.

Short GBPJPY 154.85, stop 155.40
Short Crude 64.00, stop 64.85
Short USDJPY 94.98, stop 95.23

Stopped out USDJPY (-1%)
Banked half of GBPJPY @3xR 153.20 (+1.5%)

I was hoping to short the rally in indices this morning but ODL indices still not working and I missed it.
Still holding 1&1/2 positions crude short, 1/2 posn GBPJPY short and 1/2 posn cable short.

For the day +0.5%

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