Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday 23 July

Try again ...

EURUSD short 1.4240, stop 1.4270, hourly pin, TP 1.4150 & 1.40
Crude short 65.40, stop 65.75, target 64.00 addition
NZDUSD short 65.96, stop 66. 18, hourly IB, target 64.50
CHFJPY short 88.18, stop 88.50. (is an but IB decided to wait for pin tail to go)
USDJPY short 94.30, stop 94.55, hourly BEOB
I want to short the indices, I'm selling USDJPY instead.

CHFJPY & USDJPY stopped out (-2.0%)
Crude Stopped out todays trade @65.0o (+1.14%)
EURUSD Stopped out 1.4210 (+0.5%)
NZDUSD Stopped out 65.74 (+0.5%)
Crude Stopped balance of Tues trade 65.00 (+1.43%)
Cocoa stopped out balance 2847 (+1.0%)

I am out of a lot of trades early today. The US markets always reverse the London moves and this chop is becoming a bit predictable for me. I will wait and see how the dust settles but if the dollar breaks support and the indices break resistance then my bias is wrong (again). All flat.

Crude short 66.90, stop 67.50, first target 65.85
EURUSD short 1.4260, stop 1.4310, first target 1.4160
GBPJPY short 157.20, stop 1.5765, descending daily trendline ...
EURJPY short 135.15, stop 135.65, descending daily trendline ...
NZDUSD short 65.55, stop 66.25 (trying again)

Finally some divergence love from eurodollar and kiwidollar. EURUSD is closing as a bearish engulfing candle.
Total for the day +2.57%

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