Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday 15 September

Turnaround Tuesday, not my favourite day.  Can't see anything I want to buy or sell or anything at a level I would want to buy it or sell it at yet. 
Update:  Thanks Merv ;)

EURUSD short 1.4591 stop 1.4622 DIBs 1hr IB
GBPJPY short 151.15, stop 151.65 4hr shooting star @50fib
EURUSD stopped out (-1.0%)
CRUDE Nov short 69.95 stop 70.20, selling $70 (1/2 stake)
CRUDE stopped out (-0.5%)
CRUDE Nov short 69.95 stop 70.20 selling $70 (1/2 stake)
GBPAUD (Mon) banked 50% @3xR 1.9130 (+1.5%)
GBPUSD short 1.6447 stop 1.6477 DIBs 1hr IB
GOLD (Mon) stopped out BE - not my smartest trade this week
GBPJPY banked 50% @3xR 149.65 (+1.5%)
GBPUSD DIBs stopped out (-1.0%)
CRUDE (today) stopped out again (-0.5%)
CRUDE (31 Aug) closed balance 70.10 (+3.5%)

I closed crude because dollar index is at new lows and Brent contract rolls over today and there seems to be a bit of a short squeeze going on.

+3.5% today
Open positions:
GBPCHF short 1.7638
USDJPY short 93.30
GBPAUD short 1.9280
GBPJPY short 151.15


  1. How come it's not called Turnaround Tuesday any more?

  2. Thanks for the reminder ... I was not feeling so sharp at 2AM today