Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday 18 September

Poor old Sterling what a tough week, the WSJ now thinks the pound could be a new carry trade possibility. 
Selling the pound has helped my PnL a lot this week.
Might finish early today, I have never had much luck on triple witching days.

Dollar index looks like it has some traction this morning but is has hit previous support / resistance.  The rising trendline needs to hold but a rising wedge is ... bearish.

GBPUSD (Thu) banked 50% @3xR 1.6335 (+1.5%)
CRUDE short 72.45 stop 72.85 - countertrend target 71.50
GBPCHF short 68.50, stop 68.80 - DIBS break of 50day range
GBPAUD short 1.8790 stop 1.8850 - break of 1.88 support
GBPCHF (today) stopped out on good PSNB #s (-1.0%)
CRUDE closed 72.25 (+0.5%) - no point in being short, not going anywhere

+1.0% today
Open positions:
GBPCHF short 1.7638 (20Aug)
GBPUSD short 1.6515 (17Sep)
GBPJPY short 149.55 (17Sep)
GBPAUD short 1.8790

Cable (daily chart).
I am targeting the bottom of the wedge and 38.2fib level at the big 1.60 number.  Then look out below.

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