Saturday, September 5, 2009


I'm away this week in Anguilla, it's good to see old friends, I should have come back sooner.
I'm only trading London mornings with two screens this week so hopefully less but better trades or I will have clickeritis as Mr Big calls it (a wrist condition from constantly clicking through charts).

It is off season and there is no one here.  The flight was empty, the airport was empty except for a few locals, the beaches are empty, a lot of  resorts & restaurants are closed (not Cap Juluca, Ripples or Gwen's, phew) but most local joints are open which is lovely.   I had ribs for lunch, went kite shopping in St Martin and tonight dinner with old friends and some darts (haha I'm useless at darts).

Oh yes .. and check out this sunset

I just found out that this island was voted best internet access of any island in the Caribbean which is shocking considering it is run by the UK ... well Cable and Wireless.
Anyway its really horrible here. I recommend you don't come and definately don't tell your friends.

Rob wanted to see my sunday lunch ....

For Rob - Red snapper dinner and some artistically arranged cheesecake:

Another day, another sunset


  1. Have a great week on hols Nic - make good use of that time away from the screen - it's all about the balance (one of our Fav military sayings over here)

  2. Hmmm - the only concern I have is that there seems to be a glass of coke next to that lobster. I am assuming there was either a) rum in the coke or b)a well-chilled bottle of Muscadet sitting on the table 'off camera'?

  3. Never assume, there was no alcohol ... I am afraid this cougar is either a) very boring or b) was listening to the bit about kitesurfing and alcohol not mixing ...

  4. What is that rather good looking pudding?

  5. That is a baked cheesecake :)