Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Trade Update

Have not been able to watch screens Monday because of appointments so slow updates sorry.

EURUSD (daily chart) my target was 1.33 and it topped out at  1.3283.  I got out late 1.3240 once it was clear we had rolled over at the top of the wedge

EURAUD (4hr chart)  was a false breakout that failed to hold on a retest so I am out also.

AUDUSD I was stopped out on the balance of my position on the surprise 50bps rate cut Monday
Still short USDJPY & new trade short EURGBP
 I liked yesterdays shooting star, even tho we are on fib support the trend is clearly lower.  The SNB also love EURGBP and are buying GBP with their EUR so I have them on my side ;)  0.80673 important support EURGBP needs to break and hold below.

AUDUSD balance half position stopped out (-0.5R)
EURUSD closed balance 1.3240 (+2.2R)
EURAUD closed balance 1.2782 (+1.6R)
USDJPY short 80.83 stop 81.33 target 78.36
EURGBP short 0.8140 stop 0.8175

Open positions:
USDJPY short 80.83 stop 81.33 target 78.36

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