Monday, November 1, 2010

Contrarian signals

Barron's had a interesting cover on Saturday:
Yes, all those money managers who thought the S&P was a sell at 1040 now think that stocks are cheap as the S&P kisses 1200.
If you are not a Barron's suscriber then you can read a cached version of the article by clicking HERE 
It shows big money surprisingly bullish and anytime that there are that many people on one side of the boat we could get nasty corrections.


  1. Yep my neighbour was telling me yesterday that he is all in now on equities from two weeks ago and that they can only go up because there is nowhere else to put your money with rates so low....why do I get this feeling this doesn't end well...

  2. I do think we can go higher, but you are right ... I have the same feeling.