Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday 26 February

UK revised GDP numbers this morning ...  My countertrend GBPJPY long is not looking very smart today.

GBPCHF closed 50% @3R 1.6445 (+1.5R)
GOLD long 1109.50 stop 1104, target 1124 - see chart
CRUDE long 78.00 stop 77.65, target 80 - 50% retrace weekly marabuzo
GBPAUD short 1.71430 stop 1.71730 target below 1.70535
GBPCHF short 1.6380 stop 1.6410 DIBS addition
EURUSD closed 50% @1.3575 (+1.5R)
GBPJPY closed BE, not doing what I expected, will wait
GBPAUD closed 50% @3R 1.7053 (+1.5R)
GBPAUD short 1.7050 stop 1.7080 addition, break of daily lows
CRUDE closed 50% @3R 79.05 (+1.5R)
AUDUSD long 0.8920 stop 0.8895 target 90.00
GBPCHF addition closed 1.6330 (+1.66R)
GBPAUD addition closed 1.70 (+1.66R)
CRUDE balance closed 79.76 (+2.37R)
GOLD closed 1116.20 (+1.2R)
AUDUSD closed 89.60 (+1.6R)
GBPCHF closed 1.6350 (+2.45R)
If crude had made it over 80 I would have held over the weekend.  I am closing gold and AUD because of the weekly hanging man that has formed.  I still think we will have a corrective rally but I am going to wait for better setups.

Open trades:
EURUSD long 1.35 stop 1.3475 - 1/2
GBPAUD short 1.71430 stop 1.7173 - 1/2

Gold daily

Update:  my gold long is going nowhere and this is why I hate goldbugs:

My week in summary:
9 losers, 18 winners
Average win +2.95R, Average loss -0.88R

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  1. Hi Nic - glad to see you back trading! Looks like you are doing fine too! So, where are you these days? Europe or Canada? Hope all is well? I have got back to my blog with a new quick easy ref guide. Let me know if you like it! Will be posting weekly. Ciao! DC